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Welcome to the Victory Heirloom Seed Company! 

"Preserving the future,
one seed at a time." ™

The Victory Seed Company is a small, family operated organization working to preserve open-pollinated and heirloom seeds. Our name is associated with quality, customer service and social responsibility.

Reintroducing the tradition of heirloom seeds into the wedding ceremony!

Our personalized custom packets are perfect for:

• Bridal Showers

• Weddings

• Baby Showers

• Baby Announcements

• Birthdays

• Special Events

• Funerals

• Memorials


Heirloom seeds, by their very nature, are deeply intertwined with the concepts of marriage, family and tradition.

In our not so distant agrarian past, the passing on of family garden seeds to the next generation was a wedding tradition.  The couple would receive seeds from both the bride and groom's relatives.  This was the equivalent of providing the future food supply for newly created family.  It has been in this way that family heirloom seed varieties have been preserved from extinction.

We are very happy that incorporating seeds into the wedding event become popular - we hope that it becomes a lasting tradition.  We are proud that our seeds have been featured in hundreds of weddings and other special events.

As a small, family owned and operated company, we are very flexible in helping you to create a unique wedding favor using seeds.  We personally can provide:

Why Use Victory Seeds®

Many years ago, we received a request from a customer who was interested in incorporating flower seeds into their wedding ceremony. Although our mission is to preserve heirloom seed varieties from becoming extinct, we thought that using seeds as wedding favors was a great idea and thus decided that it was a niche to explore.

Although promotional marketing companies offered simple imprintable packets at the time, we became the first actual seed company offering a fully customizable product, available in small quantity runs, at affordable prices.  Judging from the number of companies now offering seed favors, they too have decided that customized seed packets are a good product.

When you decide to make Victory Seeds® part of your special event, you are not only providing a useful, memorable and interesting handout to your friends and family, you are also helping to create awareness for the importance of seed variety preservation.  Your purchase is also a very tangible way to support our work.

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